Hubert Fan-Chiang


Hubert has over 10 years’ experience in systems of semiconductor industry and has focused on big data problems for more than 5 years. With the involvement of the big data in the systems such as MES, CIM, and EA systems, Hubert devoted his effort on providing the solutions to deal with the problems that the enterprise encountered. His achievement on providing the Hadoop and HBase systems for the customers is remarkable. Also, he is the first HBase speaker in “NoSQL Taiwan” which is a famous community in Taiwan. He built up the R&D team to invent the HareDB, which is our product, and the product is honored with the Innovative Product Award of the Hsinchu Science Park in 2013. Under the leadership of him, the R&D team is responsible to develop the core components of HareDB and to provide the critical and strong base for the HareDB product. He is interested in the fields of big data solutions, NoSQL Database, HBase schema Design...etc.

Hubert has a bachelor degree in Computer Science from Tamkang University, and a Master degree in Management of Information Technology from US.

Mike Jiang


Mike has over 15 years of data analysis software developing experience, especially in semiconductor engineering data. He led technical team to provide system integration, professional service and system development for customers over 200 projects. His research interesting fields include expert systems, machine learning, parallel and distributed systems, and data mining. He has published 17 international journal and conference papers, and 16 workshop papers. He is also the author of 23 Chinese programming and software application books. He led the team to service the customers and established the system to deal with the big data solutions for enterprise.

Mike has a BS degree in Applied Mathematics from National Chung Hsing University, a MS degree and a Ph. D. in Computer Science from National Chiao Tung University.

Rebecca Lin

Director, Application & Global Alliances

Experience of more than 8 years success in project execution related to semi-conductor industry. Base on the technical background, she demonstrated her innovative professional with proven ability to identify, analyze, and solve problems to increase customer satisfaction. Now Rebecca leads the application team to reach the goal of helping customers to establish the big data systems and introduce HareDB solutions to the customer site. With her skills and the administration to the workflow through the whole project cycle, our product and the solutions provides the optimal integration to our customers. Her strong knowledge on the hadoop ecosystem and the applications always provides the professional services for customers.

Rebecca has a BS degree in Business Math from Soochow University and a MS degree in Computer Science from US.

Vito Cheng

Technical Manager, System Development

With more than 10+ years experience as an system architect in semi-conductor industry, Vito accomplish the systems with cautious understanding and overall evaluations in his thought and provide the professional architecture to build up the projects for customers. Vito is the key member of the HareDB team who formed up the architecture of our HareDB with his broad knowledge of the NoSQL DB, software development, and open source projects. He presents the nice and aggressive approach to provide the effective design for HareDB solutions.

Sam Cho

Technical Section Manager, Application & Global Alliances

Sam has more than 6+ years experience focused on the engineering data in the semi-conductor industry. He specified in the data science field with his proven skills to applied on the systems. With the strong basis of numerical analysis of the information systems and the bedrock skills of math major, Sam demonstrate his talented professional of data applications. Sam has his ambitious and critical knowledge on the specification in the analytical fields of big data such as Sqoop, Spark, and R language. He keeps working on the data related fields of the big data in the hadoop ecosystem.

Allen Fan

Senior Consultant, System Development

Allen is the senior consultant for the big data solutions and he has the broad knowledge of the open source projects in the hadoop ecosystem such as HBase, Spark, Hive, Sentry, Kerboros, Solr...etc. He is the key member to implement the HareDB with his specialty of the NoSQL Query. He's interested in the NoSQL applications, In-memory computing, and secondary index.

Valen Chen

Senior HBase Consultant, Application & Global Alliances

Valen demonstrated the experienced achievement on the HBase Data flow and the schema/key design of the projects in the semi-conductor industry. He provides the professional schema and key design for the customers to build up the big data solutions with Hadoop and HBase. Valen holds both the MapR M5 certificate and the CCSHB(Cloudera Certified Specialist in Apache HBase). He is now taking responsibility for the HBase training.

Coloya Liu

Senior Hadoop Consultant, Application & Global Alliances

Coloya provides professional service for customers to deal with the Hadoop system. He holds both the MapR M5 certificate and the CCAH(Cloudera Certified Administrator for Apache Hadoop) . With his experienced skills to establish and maintain the hadoop system for the customer, he demonstrated the proven ability to solve the problems and provides the optimal solutions. Coloya focused on the hadoop system with cluster planning, administration configurations, and performance tuning. And Coloya is now also the instructor who takes the responsibility for providing training course of the Hadoop administration.

Dean Du

Senior Engineer, System Development

Dean is the professional senior engineer who plays the role to provide high-quality production of HareDB solutions. As a former test programmer in IBM, he is highly demanding with the production process and the integration test of the software release. According to his experience to increase system performance of the project in TSMC, He participated in a NoSQL project which can use ANSI-SQL to operate NoSQL database. He is now the key member of the HareDB team to dealing with the user interface and the metadata component in our HareDB solution.

He has a Bachelor Degree of Computer Science from National Tsing Hua University.

Frank Chang

Senior Engineer, System Development

Frank is the professional senior engineer who demonstrates his professional HBase programming skill in the project of providing the HareDB solution in the semi-conductor industry. He has the ambitious and aggressive attitude to providing the development in the introduction of HareDB.

He has a Master Degree of Math from National Tsing Hua University.

Stana Ho

Senior Engineer, System Development

With experienced programming skills on JAVA/.NET, Stana focused on the engineering data report from his former work to deal with the big data generate from the semi-conductor industry. Stana is the senior engineer to develop the HareDB components with the data handler and the drivers to provide the user to easily access the HBase with the introduction of HareDB solutions.

Jack Yang

Senior Engineer, System Development

Jack is the professional senior engineer focused on the system programming. With the experienced skills from the operating system underneath to the hadoop HDFS on the top, his specialty on the hadoop environment provides the better performance for our HareDB solutions.

Ling-shin Chen

Technical Section Manager, System Development

Ling-shin has 5+ years experience focused in the application development. Not only standing at the viewpoint of the application layer as the developer but also thinking from the aspect from the user, Ling-shin always demonstrate his brilliant achievement on the application layer of the big data. He's interested in the applications of HBase, Spark, Hive and any other popular open source projects in the hadoop ecosystem.

He has a Master Degree of Information Science from National Taiwan University of Science and Technology.